TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 true-wireless earbuds look like the AirPods Pro, but it’ll only set you back $40

Don’t expect them to block out all the noise- even so, you’ll find that they do greatly minimise background noise — and will save you $220 in the process.

No, these aren’t actually AirPods Pro, but they look near-identical and will cost you considerably less.

Nothing beats slipping into your music while ignoring the outside world (or, in these days, the inner world) blare.
Modern earphones help you do that in two ways.
A physical seal that provides a study gap between the tips of the silicone ear, your ear canal and the outside world, and ANC (active noise cancellation) technology, producing a secondary noise that matches and reduces what happens outside.

Apple’s famous AirPods Pro uses both methods — but to a $250 tune.

Were you wanting not to pay too much? After all, if someone offered you $200, I’m sure you could be using it towards a lot of other cool things.

Consider a pair of noise-insulating earbuds that rely on that physical seal only.
While they might not remove all noise, they will certainly remove most of it.
You’ll have a much better time listening to your music or movie with a strong seal.

So can you really save hundreds while escaping into a world of bliss? In the words of Austin Powers, Yeah, baby, yeah!

It is a successor to the previous of their companies product line but it is almost identical.

In fact, the only real difference from what I can tell from the specs is a slightly improved waterproof rating of IPX: on the 2018 model, IPX7 versus IPX6.

All else seems the same: “pipe” style, battery life (an expected 5 hours, with the guarantee of seven full charges from the portable charging case), Bluetooth 5.0 etc.

As noted, these look just like AirPods Pro, complete with ear tips that are acoustically insulated..

Just don’t expect Active Noise Cancellation, and don’t expect more advanced features like wireless case-charging or even USB-C; the earphones require MicroUSB to charge

But …… at only $40, not $250, it’s not something to overlook.

The current rating on Amazon? A respectable 4.4 stars from over 2,000 customers.
If you’re curious about true-wireless earbuds, don’t give these a miss.

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