All iPhone 12 models are expected to have 5G, but a few versions will be limited

The iPhone 12 rumours are coming quickly now, with the latest report giving us some info about the 5 G access on the next iPhones you can expect.

An article published on TechRadar said that Jon Prosser, an analyst and tech leaker, claims to have learned that all four future iPhone 12 models would be capable of a 5G connection, but some caveats do exist.
Prosser states that his latest knowledge indicates that the two cheaper iPhone 12 models – that’s the 5.4-inch smartphone and one of the 6.1-inch versions – won’t be offering 5G access to mmWave- the ultra-fast 5g technology capable of speeds up to (or exceeding) 1gbps.

Wherever you stay, it will decide whether that matters to you. At present, 5 G is split between two systems, with mmWave 5 G providing faster speeds, while its competitor sub-6 technology is used more commonly. That means that certain carriers and technology will rely on mmWave 5 G.

For instance, the 5G network of US provider Verizon is entirely based on the 5G mmWave technology. Which also means the cheaper iPhones on the network won’t work with 5G coverage.

No UK networks are using mmWave 5G technology yet, so if you’re buying a cheaper iPhone 12 there, it’s unlikely to affect you.
However, the two higher-end versions will work with mmWave 5 G technology whenever it reaches general availability according to details from Prosser. And if you’re interested in the very highest speeds, you’ll probably have to pick one of those.

In the last few weeks, the source’s information on items such as the iPhone SE and the MacBook Pro 13 has been correct, so we can expect this information to be accurate too.

But as with all leaks, take it with a pinch of salt. We’ll bring you the latest as and when we hear it on the iPhone 12 and if you want to learn about all we’ve seen so far you can find it below.

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